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Secured Finance – What is it?

A secured finance is one in which you mortgage an asset (say a car or land) to serve as collateral. The lender then has rights to sell off this asset to settle debts in case the borrower fails to repay outstanding dues. The lender may or may not recover his debts completely. Collateral that fail to raise enough money may also allow the lender to enter into deficiency judgement, penalizing the borrower into paying the lender in full when the said resources have been accrued.

Why Mortgage Assets against loan?

From financial standpoint, an unsecured loan might appear very lucrative as there is no collateral involved. However, on the contrary, such loans can pinch you in the long haul because the interest rates are usually exorbitant.

Unsecured loans are best for short terms or when the tenure of repayment is not long enough to incur significant interest. But when the same loan spans for a long period, even a percent extra interest rate can compound to enormous repayment amount.

Still, loans secured against assets are more easily approved with lower interest rates as they are less likely to become NPA. Even if the account turns non-performing, liquidating collateral can pay off huge portions of the loan.

Without a credit history you could have a difficult time finding borrower, especially for unsecured loans. Secured funding is comparatively easier to get approved, even with a broken credit score.

Ways in which you can get secured funding

Depending upon what collateral you secure against the loan, there are several ways to avail funding -

Frequently asked Questions

Both secured and unsecured loans have their ideal use-case scenarios. Secured funding is better for high credits, where the repayment is likely to span for years. Unsecured funding, on the other hand, is apt when the principal is less and the tenure does not overshoot a financial year.
No. You cannot apply for secured loan unless you have assets to offer as collateral.
The credit amount depends upon the value of the asset securing the loan. Obviously, more the value, more the funding.
LTV (loan-to-value) percent varies across lenders. The same lender may also offer different LTV percentages to different borrowers, depending upon the assets’ worth, credit score and the amount to loan.
Yes, you can have as many loans as you want on one asset (as long as the lender has no issues lending). However, as the number of liabilities on an asset increase, the successive loans may see a decrease in allowed principal. Also, in case of the account turning NPA, the first lender gets to settle debts first. .


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