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What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Businesses, however sturdy, occasionally find themselves in a pool of financial deficiencies. Often, the deficits are on the verge of disrupting operations if the same continues to be persistent for long. While a short-term loan could help tide over the distress, such loans can be really hard to secure, especially when the deficit has screwed with your business’s capability to get loan. In a more bizarre situation, there could be no collateral with the business to secure funding.

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Technically speaking, merchant cash advance is not a loan but rather an advance cash solely based upon the company’s earnings. Any business owner with card terminal is eligible to apply for an MCA. If you have tons of credit card sales due to be credited to your account, you can quickly leverage the same for an MCA. In cases, the advance can be deposited as quickly as 3 days post approval. MCA providers adopt a different methodology to evaluate risk and credit worthiness of their clients. Instead of scrutinizing credit health, they evaluate the daily credit card receipts to reckon if the borrower can pay back the advances on time.

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Your Questions about MCA !!

Yes, merchant cash advance is approved not against collateral but your future receivables. You are eligible to apply for MCA even if you have no asset to secure against it.
Everyone with card terminal and credit receivables in the future can apply for an MCA. More the receivables, higher the chances that your advance will get approved.
No, future credit receivables are mandatory if you want MCA approved on your account. We urge you to apply for either secured or unsecured loan, or receive credit against your balance sheet (assets finance) if you have no credit sales due.
Your eligibility for merchant’s cash advance is determined on the basis of credit receivables or credit card sales. The risk analysis is also done differently than other loans and your credit health has little to no influence on the lender’s decision.


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