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We at Capifund have catered to more than 600 happy customers across 3 countries. Our instant decision and quick funding will help you rocket your business in no time.
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Disclaimer – By applying you authorize Capifund to soft pull your credit history. Your credit health will not get impacted from this inquiry.


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I could not find a suitable sponsor for my business. After a troubled search of more than 3 months, I came to know about Capifund. My loan was approved the same day and within a week I had the amount in my account.

I want to congratulate Capifund for the support they provided throughout. I could secure advance capital to tide over financial troubles. Their loan is also quite customizable so I had no worries contemplating whether the loan is payable.

They are a bunch of professionals who know what they are doing. Delivered what they had promised. Could not be more satisfied.

Having gone through a number of quotes for my startup I decided to go with Capifund’s because it seemed the most compelling. Not only did they have the lowest interest rate but also minimum charges. Capifund was the clear choice right from the start.

Got Questions?

Typically, it takes a week for the entire process to get completed. You will receive decision on your loan within 24 hours and another 72 hours for the formalities to complete. Once you have furnished the required paperwork, we will release the amount in less than 3 days.
Rates vary as per requirements and the client’s credibility for repayment. However, our rates are still very competitive, and without doubt the best in the market.
Yes. To do so, click on Get Funding link above and upload all the necessary documents. Our representative will get in touch with you and once approved the principal amount will get credited to your account in not more 72 hours from the day we receive complete paperwork.
Your loan may or may not eligible for restructuring. Restructuring is a pain-staking process and needs re-evaluation of your credibility as borrower. You can still get in touch with us if you think your loan needs to undergo restructuring.
Yes, you are open to apply for funding as many times as you wish, however, the decision to disburse shall solely lie on your financial stability.

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